Smart Watch app - BT notifier

Smart Watch app - BT notifier

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Smart Watch app - BT notifier Smart Watch app - BT notifier

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May 24, 2023
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More About Smart Watch app - BT notifierlication

Connection status is displayed on watch and phone, the application doesn't have an alarm sound in search mode.
Work of your assistant To make the application work, you just need to download it to your phone and smartwatch, open bluetooth sync and make synchronization of two devices - watch/smartwatch sync and smartphone sync. You do not need to ask for help with installation or download a lot of apps, because it is very simple and doesn’t require special skills This application is like Google, because in it you can find everything you need!!️

Sync program can be downloaded for free from Google Play once and then it will work on you for years! It has never been so easy to connect two gadgets as with our pair app.

However, if you want some more options you can always buy the PRO version with additional functions, which will make the sync app even better.

How To Work Smart Watch app - BT notifier:

✔️To start a connection, install Smartwatch Bluetooth Notificator from Google Play on your phone.
✔️Give “Access Notifications” and “Location access“ permissions
✔️Install Smartwatch Bluetooth Notificator on your Smartwatch as well!
✔️Turn on bluetooth on your Smartwatch
✔️Enable discovering to make your Smartwatch visible
✔️Find from the list the name of your Smartwatch and connect it
✔️Congratulations! Your devices are connected to each other

The way to connect gadgets is very fast - you only need to turn on your Bluetooth and then everything will be done very quickly. Don’t be scared to try to pair your devices - if something goes wrong you will always have an opportunity to try , more times!

Now you can call your friends, colleagues or family using the bluetooth watch,⌚️ send messages using such us popular apps like Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger 💡Maybe some of your friends or relatives are faced to a problem of connection phone to a watch too, and you can help them with our program. Moreover, they will be happy to know that they can use it for free!

Using bluetooth, you can get a lot of useful options for your watch and android phone. You can control two devices at the same time, using a connect.

Connect and use! You will be surprised how simple it can be for use to pair two different devices with the help of Bluetooth. The watch can be really different, such as Samsung watch, Galaxy watch, or Chinese: Garmin, Huawei watch, no matter, you just need a Bluetooth connected for phone and the best smartwatch connect and this app.

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